Question Dell Precision 3620 Workstations Continually Losing Wired Network Connection

Dec 13, 2019
I work for a school district, and we have a lab with Precision 3620s for CAD programs. The problem we are experiencing is that throughout the day, many of these devices will lose network connection, getting the yellow triangle symbol on the Ethernet icon. Another issue that is happening with these is that they will suddenly lose functionality of the mouse and keyboard. Running diagnostics, it does not come up with any errors. Here is a summary of all we have tried so far:
Restarting the machines
Unplugging the network cable and reinserting
Changing network cords
Replacing the network switch for the lab
Updating firmware on the switch
Replacing the MOBO on a device
Reinstalling Windows
Updating drivers
Unplugging the front panel inputs, and plugging KB + M directly into the MOBO
After all of this, we are still experiencing this error. Has anyone had a similar experience, or know of any other possible solutions?
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