Dell Precision 370 Processor Upgrade


May 13, 2009
I have a Dell Precision 370 Workstation with a Pentium 4 530 processor and an Intel 925 chip set. The 530 is a LGA 775 socket, 32-bits, 90nm, and 3.0Ghz. I would like to upgrade it to 64-bits.

The first thing I wanted to do was drop in a dual core processor, but I have been able to find that the 925 chip set won't support it. It's single core only.

The 925 will support 64-bits, but I don't know if the BIOS will.

I would like to drop in a Pentium 4 631 (64-bit, 65nm, Cedar Mill) If the motherboard and bios will support it.

If not how about a Pentium 4 630 (64-bit, 90nm, Prescott)? And if not that how about a 531 (still 64-bits)?

Also there are faster chips :
641 3.2Ghz,
651 3.4Ghz,
661 3.6Ghz,
671 3.8Ghz.

Can the 925 chipset, BIOS, motherboard support a faster chip? And can the Dell heat sink and fan cool one?

I can get a Pentium 4 631 Cedar Mill from TigerDirect for $59.99 which is not bad if it works, but would really bite if it didn't.

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