Dell Precision 530 Workstation


Dec 3, 2015
I recently acquired a dell Precision 530 workstation through a yard sale. I test booted it and everything worked fine to the bios. When I tried to load windows, the computer immediately blue screened and restarted. I went into the bios to change some hard drive settings, but when I changed something, I don't remember what, the computer refused to post. I have tried uninstalling everything one by one and nothing has worked. I'm stuck with the code light code (A Solid Green) (B Solid Yellow) (C Solid Green) and (D Green with occasional flashes of yellow). I checked the dell site and it says system board resource and/or hardware failure. I hope that this is not the motherboard or CPU as I find it hard to believe that a simple BIOS change to the disk drive could screw up the whole computer. Also, when I hold down the power button, all lights except A (Green) goes off on the status indicator. The standby power LED, however, stays on, and the system also refuses to shut down.

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