Question Dell Precision M6600 Notebook ---- GPU driver crashed while playing game, won't start again.

Dec 28, 2019
So I installed windows 10 recently and it was causing some crashes whenever I played games, but last night while playing a game my gpu driver crashed and I got black screen of death so I restarted my laptop but it lead me back to the black screen. Then i went into the safe mode and disabled my display driver and restarted my laptop which then resolved the black screen problem and I could finally have my display back but when I tried to uninstall the display driver and installed again I got the back screen again so I went into the bios and checked if it is detecting my gpu at all and there it was fire pro m8900 listed undeniably and I also ran test through boot menu for gpu and it showed green light so I'm guessing it is not burnt or anything? I'm not really sure being a total noob in this do I need to reinstall my windows cuz it could be another driver causing it or my gpu died? Laptop is Dell [Precision] m6600. Thanks