Question Dell Precision T3500 memory issue (seems to be stuck in single channel)

Sep 29, 2021
Good afternoon,

I have recently been experiencing memory issues with my Dell Precision T3500

My normal setup is 12gb made up of 6x 2gb sticks (presumably in triple channel)

However, of these 6 sticks, 4 are 'HMD electronics' branded; the other 2 are Samsung branded.

I've tried some basic tests to try to pinpoint the problem, and here are my findings so far:

  • When powering on PC with all 6 DIMMs , I am presented with 'Alert! Memory failure detected in DIMM 1' and 'Alert! non-optimal memory population detected[...]' The PC is able to boot into windows but with only 4gb usable.
  • When powering on the PC with the 4 HMD branded DIMMs I receive bleeps from the PC then nothing. The PC remains on and outputting a blank screen.
  • When powering on PC with just the 2 Samsung DIMMs, the PC presents me with 'Alert! non-optimal memory population detected[...]'
I know that all DIMM slots work and that my PC worked perfectly previously with all 6 sticks of mixed memory - so something has caused the HMD memory to stop working completely, even when not mixed with samsung.

HwInfo indicates the memory is in single channel.

Any suggestions would be very useful - as I could be missing something very obvious here. And please ask for extra information if needed - there's plenty more to give but I didn't want this post to get too long.

Thanks for reading