Dell PSU and GPU question


Jun 17, 2009
I'm going to check out a computer which I saw on craigslist recently.
He posted it as a dell which he recieved a couple monthes ago for 1400 w/monitor.

He doesn't know the model/specs, so I just figure I'd go over and check myself.
I looked at dell's website, and many of their computers use 4350 graphics card.
My question is, if I get over there to find it has a good specs, other than that, how far am I likely to be able to upgrade, as in, what is the nicest card I can buy, that a dell computer can power?
I would say 80-90% of them are mediocre power supplies at best and it would be surprising it would run a good video card.

I don't trust pc manufactures and the components they put in them. You might as well have the mindset you have to upgrade it and if you don't then you are 1, lucky and 2 did I say lucky?

I wouldn't count on being lucky.

Check the +12v amps and the wattage.



Apr 9, 2009
If you're planning on upgrading a big-box desktop like a Dell, as long as you plan on replacing the PSU and the mobo has PCI Express, your upgrade options are endless.

For instance, you could get a nice Corsair vx450 + GTS250 = $200

But no matter how low or high you go with the GPU, I would plan on upgrading the power supply along with it.
Dell has very nice PSUs in their systems, but they are a bit low on the wattage for really high end cards. Their 375W can actually handle a pretty powerful card - you could definitely run a 4850 on it, but the 305W might have some trouble. It's a darn good 305, but you couldn't run a really high end card on it.
I just want to know what is he buying.... The H2O would be the only Dell that I would consider worth 1,400$.... and I still would not consider buying that rig.... with 1,400$ you can build something really nice....
Dell may put nice psu's in their systems now but that hasn't always been the case. I haven't considered buying a dell in so long that I don't know what's in their systems now. Its just usually a good rule of thumb if it comes prebundled there's usually more to upgrade than you would expect as they often put the bare requirement parts in it to get it to run and get to you so you will spend more on their "dell" parts or sell you a new system sooner rather than later.

I used to get dell systems people wanted to upgrade for gaming and there wouldn't even be an agp or pci express slot, lol. Talk about cheap parts...