Dell PSU question


Nov 20, 2005
How can you tell if you are not getting enough power to your system?

I have a Dell 8250, and it came with a ATI 9700. I recently upgraded to the X800 XT PE. I was just wondering if I was getting adequate power to my system.

If not, can a Dells PSU be easily upgraded? And if so, which PSU would you suggest I purchase?

If you can run your games and are not experiencing stability issues, then I wouldn't worry about it. Dell typically rates their PSUs very conservatively.

You can use ultilities to monitor/log voltages. When you check the log, just make sure that spikes (up or down) do not exceed 5%. If they do, then let us know the results...

Maybe not easily upgraded, but you can do it. You just have to be conscious of layout and be willing to "modify" your case if the PSU doesn't fit exactly.


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Dell's P4 series usually have standard power supplies. Take a look at the connectors and see for yourself. That can't be said of their older systems as those used standard connectors with a different wire arrangement!

If it all looks good, you're good to go! But wait! Dell doesn't leave a completely open hole behind the power supply for mounting it, so most power supplies will go in with the power cut-off switch or power socket (or both) covered with sheet metal. So go to a site like Newegg and look closely at what they have, to see what fits.

Pay attention to the offset screw to see if the picture they show is upside-down or rightside-up compared to the way it's mounted in your system, then figure out whether the thing will fit.

Or cut part of the case out :p


PC Power & Cooling claim to sell special Dell compatible PSU's that fit ... I'd call their 800 number and get a confirmation ... they offer a 30 refund policy - but that won't help if it fries your mainboard (you could tell Dell it was their unit that did it ... but that's dishonest, I guess).


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If your computer hasn't shut off and it powers on just fine- you don't need a new PSU.

But beware, the more crap you add (even USB devices), the more power draw there is.