Question Dell S2716DG faint horizontal lines 144hz

Sep 3, 2019
I own a Dell S2716DG 1440p monitor with a maximum refresh rate of 144hz. Just recently I noticed a lot of faint horizontal white/grey lines that are mostly concentrated in the bottom right of the panel. I just recently purchase a new Displayport cable (Insignia brand, bought from Best Buy). I noticed that the lines are worst when the refresh rate is turned all the way up to 144hz. And it gets gradually better the lower the refresh rate.

Things I've tried:

  • Latest Nvidia GTX 1080 drivers
  • Ensuring all connections are tight
  • Changing ports on the back of the GPU
  • Reinstalling Windows

  • Am I missing anything that I should try?
  • Is it possible that Insignia makes crummy DisplayPort cables?
At the moment I have the display hooked up via HDMI @ 60hz and I can still make out white lines in the bottom right of the panel but barely. My monitor is out of warranty. Does anybody have any ideas on what I can do to get a Diplayport connection @ 144hz without these horizontal lines? If I have to live with 60hz I will but I was hoping to get my moneys worth out of this monitor and use the 144hz. Thank you.