Question Dell S2716dg screen flickering with G-Sync enabled


Jan 22, 2014
Hi there,

so basically I had my PC setup for like 3 years and I was using two monitors. Main: Dell S2716DG @ 144 Hz and Secondary: Random BenQ @ 60 Hz. When I was playing games or using some apps I noticed, that sometimes my screen was flickering (or more like pulsating), it wasn't skipping frames, showing black screen or dead pixels, it was just changing brightness rapidly. For the longest time I thought my monitor was faulty.

Until today, when I bought the same Dell screen. I connected everything and after a while I noticed the same flickering. Since then, I have been googling everything related to this issue, and found similar posts with the same problems: e.g.

However, I haven't seen a definitive fix for this, which is why I am asking you guys, if you ever encountered this issue, solved it or have any idea how to fix this.

I discovered, that this flickering only happens on the 2 Dell monitors and ONLY when I have G-Sync enabled (on borderless windows). I usually play games on borderless because I alt-tab a lot and it is quite annoying when the window just disappears.

This issue happens in some games all the time (e.g. Rainbow Six, where if I have borderless enabled, both screen pulsate all the time), but it even happens with simple apps like Spotify. For example, right now I have my chrome opened on my main Dell and Spotify on the other Dell and everything is fine. However, when I select the spotify window BOTH my Dells start to pulsate and I notice a significant FPS drop on my mouse cursor, which is just not smooth. When I select the chrome window again everything is fine once again.

In the other posts I have seen people claiming that it is a faulty monitor, which I do not really think so, because I now have 2 of them. Another suggestion was to try different drivers, which didn't work for me and would suck anyway. This was a problem for over 2 YEARS for some users and it srsly hurts my eyes sometimes when it happens. If anyone has the slightest idea what I can do with this issue, please, lemme know.