Question Dell s2716dg Stuck in Power Save Mode

Jan 15, 2021
I wanted to use my main monitor with my laptop, since my laptop was currently better than my desktop, so I used a usb c to DisplayPort cable (since my laptop has a usb c display out port). The monitor is a little above three years old and I never had a problem until now. What I believed started the issue was physically closing the laptop while the display was connected. This led to the screen to start flickering while not displaying anything. The monitor's led is blinking and sometimes pulsing, indicating sleep mode. I tried to plugin a regular DisplayPort cable from my desktop to the monitor and still nothing. I also tried HDMI, which is detected by the laptop and it even functions, but I see no display on the monitor. I have tried the solutions I could find on the internet. At one point trying to fix the issue it also flashed the RGB colors on the display. I would turn off deep sleep mode or factory reset, but I can't even seem to access the settings, is the monitor dead?
Monitor: Dell S2716DGR
Desktop : HP - OMEN 870-244
Laptop: ASUS Zephyrus g14