Question Dell SE2416H vs Dell SE2417HG

Jul 1, 2019
Hi guys,

I'm looking for a budget monitor for a bit of gaming at 1080p and I've found the two Dell monitors mentioned above. I'm going to try and find a shop where I can view them, but in the absence of that I'mm wondering if anyone has an experience with either?

The 16H is IPS with 6ms response time, while the 17HG is TN with 2ms response time. Otherwise the're both 24" 1080p 60hz monitors. I'm leaning toward the IPS as I like the idea of having nicer visuals, and I'm not sure if the response time will make a difference given that they're both 60hz. Then again, I've heard IPS are more likely to have problems with BB, and some IPS panels aren't actually visually better than TN.

What do you guys think?


Jul 25, 2016
IPS panels in this budget range look way better than TN panels. Colors just look so much more "alive". Black is actual black and it all looks deeper.

The only big difference is the panel type and the Response time. Response time is pretty important for games to look smooth enough. I personally don't go higher then 5ms, which looks good enough in my opinion. I don't know about 6ms, maybe it's still smooth but I think the ghosting would be obvious. So in that case I would go for the Dell with the TN panel.

If you think the visuals are more important, then definitely go for the IPS panel.

BUT, may I suggest an alternative? The LG 24MP59G-P. IPS, 75Hz (which is smoother then 60Hz) and 5ms response time. If that monitor is available in your region I would get that LG one.

Another note: 24inch might be a little small for gaming.

So the conclusion is: Get the monitor that will fit your personal preference the most.
Visuals: Dell SE2416H. Smoother gameplay: Dell SE2417HG. Visuals and Smoother gameplay: LG 24MP59G-P.
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