Question Dell SE2717H monitor, Windows 10 errors, signal not found

Oct 27, 2019
The is copied and pasted from my Dell community thread since no one has replied over 3 days.
Since I'm on my phone now, I'll try my very best to summarize this 3 days period, where I'm having troubles with my monitor. I may miss out some crucial info, please let me know. I'm am not an expert, please explain some of the harder parts like I'm a 5 years old.

This all started (I believe) when my PC went off while I was gaming to a BSOD, error code: dxgkrnl.sys. It then says it is doing a restart, but after that, the display shows signal not found, it never restart. So I wasn't able to get it work for a couple hours before I went to sleep, and when I woke up it turned on, I don't remember what I did, and I don't think i fixed it the day before. So I used the PC for the entire day, no problems.

Today, this morning, I was using it again, until a couple hours into gaming, it suffered another error BSOD, SYSTEM SERVICE ERROR, then it stopped again. And now, after a few hours of googling I decided to write this thread. I changed the CMOS battery for the Motherboard, I don't think it did anything. I cleaned out the PC and everything, unplug and replug, pressed all the buttons on the entire PC. It did nothing.
Any help is appreciated!

Computer Model = It's Custom Built
I forgot what's my cpu
Operating System = Non-Dell Windows 10
Video card = GTX 1050 Ti
Ram = 16GB
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