Question Dell Studio 1569 turns off in Bios but boots and stays on in Windows.

Aug 13, 2019
Really strange problem and seems like a puzzle for expertt solvers. I am a technician for the last ten years and have also asked fellow technicians with way more experience than mine but everyone says they’ve never seen this before. So deets:

Laptop battery is dead/blown up and been using it with power supply. I suspect this is the reason for the problem but I dont want to order a battery without being sure. So its my brothers laptop, he asked me to buy an ssd for him to upgrade. We install the disk and start the installation process and suddenly the laptop turns off. We retry several times and the same thing happens, the shut down occurs anytime between 20 seconds and 2 minutes after the power on. So I check the fan I check the connection I check everything and its fine, So I strip everything and just load into Bios for diagnostics. Same thing happens. Even just pressing F12 to go into boot options and leaving it on the selection screen, after maximum 2 minutes it will turn off. And here’s the puzzle.. When the original hdd is hooked back up, it just loads into Windows and stays on... anyone have any ideas?
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