Dell Studio 540 will not show display when new XFX Radeon HD 7750 GPU is installed. Tried almost everything.


Nov 2, 2014
Hey guys I'm a little new here but I figured I would ask for help because I have nowhere else to go and I've tried everything.

So I have this Dell Studio 540 (Late 2008) with

Stock M107G motherboard
350W stock Power supply
Intel dual core 2.7Gz CPU
and onboard Intel g45/g43 express chipset driver for video display

I recently bought a new XFX Radeon HD 7750 GPU that requires a 450 minimum power supply but read everywhere even on the Dell forums that this would be a suitable upgrade for this machine having a 350 W PSU.

After installing the card and reinserting the display into the card instead of the motherboard, the machine turns on normally and all of the fans spin even on the new GPU but there is no display from the monitor.

I have tried everything on these forums and have been combing them over for 3 days including :
1.) Updating the Bios to the latest version
2.) Installing card drivers before inserting new card (Machine won't install AMD Catalyst without card inserted either from CD or from AMD website. "System package: Installation Failure!" mesage every time)
3.) Deleting onboard G45/g43 chipset driver
4.) Enabling PCI e in BIOS (there is NOWHERE to do this. nothing about graphics or priorities or displays or PCI e anything in BIOS for Dell Studio 540)
5.) Plugging display into motherboard while card is inserted (no display still. Same issue)
6.) Using VGA, HDMI, and DVI connections on card into my display (nothing)
7.) Testing card in my P.I.M.P. machine (Card not defective. Works beautifully)
8.) Taking my 520W power supply that is 6 months old and using it to power Dell motherboard to give card extra juice (Computer boots fine without card but with card, same issue so clearly not a power supply problem and clearly my 520W PSU is compatible with Dell Studio 540 motherboard)
9.) Re-seating all 4x2Gb DDR2 Ram sticks
10.) Upgrading every audio and display driver from dell for the Dell Studio 540

I am sure I am probably missing some things also from this list that I have tried and I've done several combinations of these things together too, still to no avail.

-The card is clearly not defective because of #7.)
-It's clearly not an underpowered PSU problem because of #8.)
-I can't get the damn GPU driver on my machine without the card installed (AMD Catalyst Control Center)
-I can't change anything in the BIOS to allow PCIe or disable onboard graphics. It just. isn't. there. -The drivers and BIOS are all the newest versions and updates (BIOS v 1.1.3 straight from Dell)

Now the card is a PCIe 3.0 x16 and the slot is a PCIe 1.0 x16. This should not matter because I know that most cards are backwards compatible. I've also reseated the card close to 30 times and I know how to tell if a card is in place. I almost snapped a corner of the motherboard off because I was applying so much pressure. I do not have another PCIe x16 slot to try nor do I have another GPU or PCIe x16 card that I can try to see if the slot is defective. I am positively stumped on this one guys. Everything I have read says this card should work with this system and people have confirmed that it does but I just cant get a display to show up with the card inserted and I have tried everything under the sun. If I had to guess, I would say the PCIe slot is damaged or bad but there is no way for me to really find this out unless I buy a PCIe x16 card of any type which I can't really do at this moment. If that is not the case then I truly have no idea why this card that is getting all of the proper system requirements including power just isn't showing a display on my monitor.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated and thanks a lot guys!!

P.S. If anyone actually reads this, can we please keep things germane to the subject under consideration? I know the system is outdated and that this card is probably way too nice for this PC, but can we please stay on- topic? This is the best we could do at this time short of building a brand new PC.

Much Love.


Nov 2, 2014
SOLVED: This card is NOT compatible with this system. I tried a NVIDIA EVGA Geforce GTX 750 Super-clocked GPU and it worked with the Dell Studio 540 with no problem, just plug and chug. There goes 6 hours of troubleshooting I will never get back. Never buying from AMD again. Hope this post helps answer any questions!!

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