Question Dell Studio 9100 Usb ports not work

Mar 12, 2023
Hi, 2 months ago i got dell studio 9100. In start back ports was not working even no error. But now front ports also stopped working and shows an error " USB DEVICE NOT RECOGNISED", malfunction usb in windows 10.
Anyone help me how I can enable back and front usb ports. Right now only one port is working from front side so i am using a usb hub to connect keyboard and mouse. But since last week, the port in which my hub is connected continuously connect and disconnect.
I have tried the following solutions:
1: Bios Update
2: Usb drivers update
3: Windows update
4: New hub installation

But nothing solves my problem.
Please help me to resolve the problem.


Welcome to the forums, newcomer!

You might want to elaborate on some things.
1| What BIOS version are you on for your prebuilt?
2| How did you update the USB drivers?
3| What version(not edition) of Windows 10 are you working with?

Did the prebuilt come with Windows 10 installed or did you install the OS yourself? Did you try backing up your critical content and then reinstalling your OS after recreating the installer to rule out a corrupt installer? As for the drivers for your prebuilt, make sure you have them handy prior to reinstalling your OS(since you're going to have to disconnect from the www so the OS doesn't download drivers it thinks is right for your platform).