How To Dell T3500 -- How to fix errors requiring F1 to Boot

Apr 5, 2021
Lots of fun over the last few weeks in resolving the various error messages that you get when trying to use the T3500 motherboard without the original case and fans. There are various error messages which require you to press F1 to boot and cannot be avoided via BIOS settings.

Missing Fans: You need to use one original Dell fan or any other 4 pin PWM fan via an adaptor and splice the cables to the motherboard fan connectors. You tube explain here

Missing Front Panel: This one required a lot of research from a Ukranian overclockers site via google translate as there is no documentation anywhere to be found on English language sites.
Simple solution: Buy a front panel from ebay and plug it in!
Hacked solution: short some of the pins on the front panel connector

Using this schematic

i) Short pin 17 to either pin 39 or to a ground terminal on your PC. I used the case of the powersupply. I have not tested 17 to 39.
ii) Your power switch should be attached to pins 21 and 24

My T3500 as of yesterday now boots without any human intervention.

Source and pictures for the front panel fix is on p70 of this forum. Also on P25 there is a description of the panel pins but note that the numbering is different to the diagram above.
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