Question Dell T5600 shuts down during stess-testing ?

Jun 30, 2022
So as stated in thread's title, i've started having problems with shutdown's during stress testing on my dell T5600 workstation.

Before continuing here's workstation specs:

Psu:825w(came originally with this psu)
Cpu: 2x Xeon e5-2670
Gpu: Rtx 3050(originally it was running with quadro 4000)
Ram: For testing purposes 2x16gb ddr3 ecc (sticks known to be fully working)

So lets continue, while stress testing with 2x Cpu's with prime95 it seems not to crash (havent tested longer than 10 minutes) but while doing newer cinabench r23(r15 runs well (havent tried more than 5 tries tho) and passmark (cpu mark test) it crashes within like 1 second (it basically just starts and then workstation shuts down ), but stuff like gpu benchmark's does not seem to crash pc (yet again haven't tried more than 20 minutes for running gpu specific benchmark's). My first suspect is obviously a psu, but it was running well, ram is good (using 2 known to be good sticks), cpu temperatures with original coolers aren't good compared to any normal cpu cooler but yet again it wasn't causing problems before and as a last resort i might suspect motherboard :? but the system seems to be running well with only 1 cpu installed, so i'm still leaning to psu being unable to deliver enough but ofcourse, i would like to hear other's as maybe some1 faced such problems before (and also due to me not having another psu to test ) :). Thanks in advance and sorry if my english isn't good enough as i'm not a native speaker :p