Dell u2414h or p2414h ( gaming)

Jeroen B

Nov 3, 2013

Im looking for a new monitor for my soon to get gtx 970.

I was first looking for a 144hz monitor like the asus vg248qe but i dont think the 970 card can handle 100+ fps on ultra on all games. So i think i wont bennefit from 144hz. Anyway, i play all sorts of games like bf4, diablo3, guildwars2, assassin's creed etc...

So now i swapped to 60 hz ips cuz that would benefit me more than 144hz tn with 80 fps.

I found the dell u2414h and p2414h that fitted in my budget ( = 200- 250) euro. I prefer a stand with the option to change the height.

Tho i cant make a desicion between these two since the u2414h has a better screen calibration from the factory special for this monitor. Tho this monitor has only hdmi ( wich nvidia only gives 16-225 rgb) and displayport ( that strangely shows up as a hdtv = which gives the same issue as with hdmi.) Hdmi i can fixed with the tool everyone is using tho..

The p2414h has no problems with displayport and has vga and dvi as well. NO hdmi on this monitor tho. But this monitor has a less calibrated screen so shows less good colors etc.

Would you reccomend the u2414h with better colours etc and just let me connect it with hdmi and fix it with the tool. ( which the admin/reviewer recommended me after mailing him.)

Or would you reccomend me the p2414h because the colours arent really less then the u2414h, and have a worry less panel qua connecting etc..

or ofc a 144 hz panel..