Question Dell U2719D monitor vertical stripes flickering

Feb 12, 2020

we bought 7 Dell U2719D monitors for our office and 3 (so far) of them started flickering with vertical stripes as shown in the pictures in the link: View:

The monitors are connected to Dell Vostro 15 3000 notebooks (3580). The stripes come and go and are present for about 90% of the time while the monitor is in use. Depending on the type of work eing done, the flickering intensifies or decreases.

The HDMI cables were checked and exchanged, but the problem persists.

1 monitor that was flickering like this when connected to a notebook was then tried out on a desktop PC and no flickering was happening, everything working like normal for 2 weeks. The other monitor that was flickering on a notebook was tried out on a desktop PC, and this one WAS flickering even there.

We tried installing the latest windows updates and the latest drivers for notebooks, the problem is still there.

I am clueless as to what is happening there and I hope someone might be experiencing the same problem because I couldn't find anyone on the internet with similar problem...