Review Dell Ultrasharp Webcam Review: Best Image Quality


Nice review.

I managed to snag a Logitech PTZ Pro Camera from a company I was doing some work for. They were going to throw it out to upgrade to the newer model so I took it since still works and have been very pleased with it much better than the lower end logitech web cam I was using.

This Dell unit looks good and picture quality very good if that prices doesn't go up I think its a good buy.


Oct 16, 2010
Yes, I'm trying to think of use cases for this 'webcam'. There would be some - like if you already have a high-end microphone set-up.
For normal video conferencing, it seems like a pretty poor choice.

I use a blue yeti mic for auto input as I do a lot of meetings online as well as podcasts. This is a popular arrangement these days, dedicated mic and camera. Likely targeted at this market.

Knowing that I'm not needing the mic, I like the 4k with auto tracking and adjustable fov because I'm going to stream at 1080p and the extra pixels allows for the 'digital zoom' that AI tracking and changing fov essentially uses.

I have a razer kiyo at the office that's pretty decent but I may try the dell for home office/studio.