Question Dell Venue 11 Pro 7139 - Not charging or turning on - Please Help!!!


Jul 22, 2017
When I plug in my tablet, with battery, it gives me a amber led for a split second and then a periodic white led (similar to when its on sleep). If I turn it on without battery, after draining the tablet of power, there is no response. Also, there is nothing on the screen nor even the power-on vibration. In other words, it doesn't even proceed to turn on.

I thought that the split second amber light meant that it was trying to charge but it can't and stops because of a short circuit or something maybe. Just an idea...
I have searched like crazy for solutions but I can't figure out anything. I don't even know what the led is indicating.

I have tried to take out the battery, take out CMOS, reseat SSD, check all cables, checked my adapter, etc. No luck :(

Would be immensely grateful if someone has any ideas or suggestions or solutions.