Question Dell XPS 13 9360 LCD (2 amber, 7 white) self repair plan advice?


Jan 17, 2012
A few years ago, days after my Dell XPS 9360 QHD+ touchscreen arrived, there was some distortion on the screen, and over the following weeks they sent three technicians, and the screen and motherboard were replaced but since there has been an intermittent issue, not with distortion but with the display no longer working, and the front LED light code: 2 amber, 7 white: LCD failure. Dell sent me a replacement, which has since been sold but I would like to fix the original. Normally it would start working after a few hours but not this time.

From power off I have tired holding down fn and the power button until the laptop started beeping like a truck reversing, I have removed the CMOS and battery for several minutes, and disconnected and reseated securely the LCD cable into the motherboard but none of this worked. I watched disassembly videos but found none showing how to access and disconnect the end of the cable going into the panel, though you can buy replacement cables so this must be possible?

If reseating and replacing the cable does not work, from browsing completed eBay listings I can see that if I am patient I should be able to get a replacement for less than €100/£90/$110. Are 9360 9343 the correct and only other model numbers that will work?

If the screen replacement does not work, if possible I will return it to seller or sell it myself, and then try the motherboard - is it the same model numbers to search for?

Even though Dell already replaced components, the issue has to either be the display, the cable, or the motherboard, so replacing them should resolve this?


I'm confused here. Are you saying that you requested warranty service on your laptop, they sent you a new laptop, you sold that laptop, and now you want to fix the still-broken laptop yourself, pocketing the difference between what you sold your replacement laptop for and what it costs you to fix the laptop yourself?