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Question Dell XPS 15 9500 issues after ssd and ram upgrade

Jul 2, 2020
I have a base model Dell XPS 15 9500 and tried to upgrade the RAM with crucial ballistix ddr4-3200 32gb. When I boot up, the dell logo comes up then the laptop shuts off. When I boot up again, the full screen just goes Red, Green, Blue, and White. When the dell logo comes up, I cannot access the bios. After switching back to the original 8gb ram that came with the laptop, it boots up just fine.

The ssd was detected in bios and disk management and I was able to allocate it. I tried to troubleshoot the ram by installing only one stick in each slot as well as one upgraded stick and one original stick and the laptop would not boot. Now when I boot up with the 8gb ram, the laptop no longer detects the ssd in bios or disk management.

On the crucial website, it lists the xps 15 9500 as compatible for this upgrade.

Edit: determined that I bought the wrong memory. The memory that I ordered was 1.35v when dell uses 1.2v
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