[SOLVED] Dell XPS 15 9500 shuts down just seconds after booting ?

Jul 9, 2021
Hello everyone,

I have a XPS 15 9500 that Dell wasn't able to repair (it was an half-hearted attempt though) and I wonder if the laptop can be saved nevertheless ?

The problem: The laptop shuts down unexpectedly without a warning. The screen just turns black and everything goes off. It's like cutting off the power.

Most of the time it happens seconds after I log into Windows. Sometimes I can use Windows for about 2 to 3 minutes before the laptop cuts the power again. Two times I was able to use it for 10 to 20 minutes. This behaviour also happens when I'm in BIOS. The shutdowns feel completely random.

The BIOS log just reads WDT power off.

I ran the diagnostics from BIOS and found nothing. Neither the standard test nor the advanced one. Everything passes.

I removed the backplate and couldn't see a major problem. (But I'm not a pro though)

I removed the HDD, but it still cuts the power.

I updated the BIOS (and everything else) to the latest firmware, but nope.

The mainboard was replaced by a Dell technician in order to fix a different problem. With this new mainboard the problem began. Could it be a defective mainboard? I mean the USB ports on the left side also have a problem: the upper one doesn't work at all and the lower one recognizes the Power Supply only as very slow (despite the fact that it's the legit Dell one).

In the last few days the laptop won't boot at all. I can only see the Dell logo and then the power is cut off. I can't even reach the BIOS anymore :/

Sorry, long text!

Do you guys have any idea? Thank you all very much!