Review Dell XPS 15 (9520) Review: Consummate Professional


Apr 19, 2023
The XPS 9520 is Absolutely the worse computer I have ever owned and I have been using computers since the early 90's

After 3 months of use the screen started blinking like it was going to sleep. It start doing it once a day then went to every 5 min over time. I spent over 100 hours trying to resolve this issue with their help desk. Essentially 50% of the time I have had the computer I have not been able to work.

I have had 2 docking stations. 3 motherboards, onsite tech, OS reinstall, shipped to resolution center. Issue not resolved. Since it was over a month old they would not replace. So they shipped me a refurbished laptop. That lasted a week.

New(refurbished) XPS 9520 new problem. Desktop appearance will change every 5 to 10 reboots. Icon's too far apart on desktop in if there is a popup task for settings. Its like there should be another icon between them. Also the solid background color I choose will go to black. So I have started the process over. First up they want to reinstall the OS. I don't have an infinite amount of time to work on this. ALL I WANT IS A WORKING COMPUTER. Its hard to get a job as a web developer without a computer.

If you have purchased this computer you should extend your warranty immediately. I dont understand why dell cannot fix or provide me with a computer that works more than three months. Well the latest attempt only worked a week.

I have used multiple platforms in my 25 year career as a web developer and this is ABSOLUTELY hands down the worse product I have ever seen or heard of.