Question Dell XPS 15 9570 - CPU Failure. What are my options?

May 22, 2020
Hi guys

Hope I am posting in the right place.

So admittedly, I have been a bit stupid. My XPS was prone to overheating and a couple months back did some repasting and adding thermal pads to the vrms, a couple of days ago I noticed one of the pads had moved and was blocking the fan flow and this was visible from under the laptop.

Last night, as I was removing the back cover, a loose metal component was moved and touched something on the motherboard which resulted in sparks. The laptop turns on but after 30 seconds, the led blinks Amber twice and white once, indicating cpu failure. There is visible damage on the board, link to images at the bottom.

I have taken this to a repair shop which have said that the motherboard will need to be replaced which isn’t ideal. Dell cant provide support as the laptop was purchased second hand at least once before i bought it, so an ownership transfer can’t be made which is required in order to get support.

My question is, whats the solution here? Do you guys think it can be fixed without replacing the mobo? I'm hoping there's a cheaper solution. I'd really rather keep the laptop because its a brilliant laptop for music production which is what i use it for and im not big on money atm. Otherwise, I’m thinking just to buy a new laptop and sell the dell for parts to make some money back therefore need advice on what can be salvaged to sell if i go this route. Thinking to keep the ram and hard drive though. Any advice or help is appreciated!



lol are u being serious? Whats his youtube?
About half way, yeah...I don't even know if the guy accepts work that way, but he works in perhaps runs a shop. His channel is something like Computer Repair School....big bear of a guy with a magnifying glass prominent in his desk view. This guy goes after any and everything. Of course, unless you happen to already be on that continent I cannot imagine it being worth the time and trouble.
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Feb 25, 2020
Might be fixable unless the traces inside the motherboard are gone, just search a shop which does component level repair on laptops they might try to fix it.
The blink code can be false since there is dead components on the motherboard your cpu is not fried since you can run it for 30secs (most likely not)

Just take out power cable and main battery and dont try to power it on anymore