Question Dell XPS 15 9570 laptop keeps freezing ?


Nov 21, 2014
Hey guys,

I have a weird thing going on with my laptop and I'm a the end of my rope here.

I'll start by saying, some weeks ago, I spilled some green tea on the laptop (keyboard and all), took it apart, blew it out, let it dry overnight, hoped and prayed and it started back up just fine. However, since then and not immediately after that incident, it started freezing randomly and for maybe 20-45 seconds (also started getting blue screens but that wasn't too uncommon, I've had overheating problems with this laptop before the incident). The weird thing is, the mouse still moves, audio still plays but I can't click on anything or it doesn't display anything being interacted with.

If I keep a video playing on youtube, the computer won't freeze, it'll hitch and stutter for a second but won't freeze. If I stop the video the computer will sometimes freeze ( can still move mouse generally) but I can start the video going with the frozen image by clicking where the mouse was or hitting the key on the keyboard, it just doesn't display the video moving on screen. After the freezing occurs my actions "catch up" and you see the buttons I click or the keyboard commands (ctrl, alt, del or alt tab) happen very quickly.

I've updated all drivers and gotten windows up to date and pretty much depleted my limited knowledge of what to do. Only thing I can think to do now is do a restore back to factory date or something. I bought the computer in 2018 so it's not that old.

Anyway, any help or thoughts would be greatly appreciated!