News Dell XPS 15 and XPS 17 Get 13th Gen Intel and Nvidia 40-Series Spec Bumps

Here at work we upgraded to the previous gen (ADL-S) of these... Things... But in their "pro" clothes: the Precision line with Quadros (or whatever they're called now).

They're awful in the meanest of senses. They're BSOD'ing randomly (RAM or disk issues; I can't diagnose since we don't have admin on them), most of the old thunderbolt dock stations can't power them completely when working (no idea why) and there's so many issues with the WiFi it's stupid. Their support is also completely useless, it seems, since a whole division has lost a lot of people-hours just because of these issues, which 2 gens before weren't there.

It's so stupid weird that, when I take the 3.5mm 2in1 jack for the headset, it randomly crashes the sound card and unless I restart the laptop, I have no way to use the headset. It's bananas bad.

If their professional line has those issues, I can't even imagine how these will fare. Ugh.



Feb 8, 2012
If the starting price mentioned 2.999$ for i5 13th geb cpu+ rtx4050+FHD display, then prevous versions are quite better. This build with the money mentioned is very expensive.

@Admin are you also sure about the model names, as 9530 was used before for a model with 4th gen Intel processor:
Link here
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Dec 28, 2014
For the 17 inch with 13900h and 4080, with 32gb ram and 2gb(or 1?) SSD, it's $4k.

For razer 16, with 13950hk and 4090, it's $4300. And the razer has better port selection, modern 120hz 4k screen (actually dual refresh rate), and overclockability (although the razer I borrowed was able to hit 19.5k in Geekbench with no overclocking, so probably not much point in overclocking).

I guess I'm wondering, since no new engineering when into the new xps's,other than swapping the processor and GPU, what are we supposed to be paying that much money to Dell for. I own the xps 9710 and was hoping this new 2023 version would be a worthy upgrade, but sadly this laptop is not worth $4k