Dell xps 410 problems



Hello,I have a 3 year old Dell XPX 410, that appears to be apiece of true crap. The PC never even got used the first 2 1/2 years other than downloading pictures from camera or an occasional watching a DVD. In summer of 2009 we hooked up internet for first time ever. The PC crashed about a month later and would not start up for nothing. I contacted Dell and the sent me the operating disks to reload and recommened a different internet security---McAfee 2010 which I had installed. Since then I had ever problem form not stating up, to not being able to print, fan running a high speeds, starting up with printer not connected but still wont print after connecting back. Now starts up with printer not hooked up but get a floppy disk failure message ---press F1 to continue or F2 to start something. Maybe its just me but seems the xps is apiece of junk----any comments


Feb 4, 2010
I don't know that I would call it a piece of junk. It has all the woes that most of the OEM computers have in that the parts generally aren't super high end and your upgrade options are pretty limited. I've had an XPS 410 now for closing in on the 3 year mark. I bought it refurbished. It was one of their 'Scratch and Dent' boxes that they couldn't sell new and had a small scrape on the licensing sticker with the Windows information on it. It has run well enough for me.

As for some of the stuff you mention. The box tends to run hot. If you've ever cracked it open you'll notice that there isn't a lot of space for airflow. So, depending upon your video card and what you are doing, it will crank up the fan if you are playing a game or watching a movie. Mine jumps up to around 62 degrees fahrenheit when I'm playing WoW with the 8600 GTS inside.

Judging by the difficulties you are experiencing, I think it may have come to the end for that particular box. Its dated hardware and there is a limit to what you'll gain from trying to fix it and you have really no upgrade path options with it.