Dell XPS 420: Can I install Vista to a new HDD and make that my boot?

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Oct 13, 2011
Hi all. Hopefully someone can answer my questions or at least point me in the right direction. I'm not super tech-savvy so hopefully you will be gentle with your advice and correct me (gently) if I make any mistakes along the way.

First off, thanks to all for looking at my post.

I have a Dell XPS 420 with Windows Vista Ultimate (32-bit, I think).

I have 2 - 500GB HDD set up in RAID so I have a single 1TB C:\ drive which makes me nervous about losing data.

I would like to install my OS onto a new single HD (maybe SSD if I can) for booting purposes and have a 2nd larger SATA HD for data storage.

I don't own any full copy of Windows, only the installed Vista that came with this desktop. I don't have any Dell recovery discs but I do have that Recovery D:\ drive.

Is there any way I can install a fresh OS onto a brand new HDD and make that my boot drive, esp given that all I have is the Recovery D:\ and no actual discs? Did these systems come with OS/recovery discs and if so, could I do what I'm thinking of doing if I managed to find those?

Any suggestions are welcome.

I know there are other options, but I would like to do a fresh install of my OS if possible.

Thanks in advance!


If u will contact Dell, they will send u a new recovery disc.
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