Dell xps 420. Need upgrade advice please.


Jun 23, 2009
Dell xps 420. Need upgrade advice please.

Hello recently the gfx card on my Dell Xps 420 decided to crash my system.


Psu: 375(underated I hear)

Firstly my games would crash and I could still hear sound and gameplay as well as other programmes running the background eg. ventrilo.
But now seeing as I cannot access desktop without the system freezing, I need a replacement gfx and possibly a psu?

Anyone with experience concerning the dell xps 420 able to help me?

What graphic/psu options are availiable to me concerning the dell xps 420s Mobo? I hear its not atx? So I am not sure what to do with it.

I have used the search function on but there seems to a sort of yes you can but then again the dell xps "apparently" only goes up to a 425 psu.

Any help is most appreciated.


Pretty much anything out there, except for the larger psu's ( over 175mm in length ).
The 420 uses a BTX layout with a modified ATX psu ( modified meaning cable lengths, connector quantity and placement of cables )