Dell xps 420 wont format


Jan 6, 2012
I've been trying to format my Dell XPS420 and after pressing F8 get as far as selecting "Repair your computer" in the Advanced boot options window. When I press enter it either takes me straight to Windows log on screen (Vista...sux..I know!!) or to "windows did not shutdown correctly or risk of losing data blah blah." Do I need to disable something in my admin or security tools in order to get past this??? Also tried my Op. systems disk but this just restarts the computer every time and I go through the same crap again!! Help!!! ps...Vista sux.

To reset the computer to factory standards.

1. Turn on the computer. When the Dell logo appears, press <F8> several times to access the Vista Advanced Boot Options Window.

2. Select Repair Your Computer.

The System Recovery Options window appears.

3. Select a keyboard layout and click Next.

4. To access the recovery options, log on as a local user. To access the command prompt, type administrator in the User name field, then click OK.

5. Click Dell Factory Image Restore.

NOTE: Depending upon your configuration, you may need to select Dell Factory Tools, then Dell Factory Image Restore.

The Dell Factory Image Restore welcome screen appears.

6. Click Next.

The Confirm Data Deletion screen appears.
NOTICE: If you do not want to proceed with Factory Image Restore, click Cancel.

7. Click the checkbox to confirm that you want to continue reformatting the hard drive and restoring the system software to the factory condition, then click Next.

The restore process begins and may take five or more minutes to complete. A message appears when the operating system and factory-installed applications have been restored to factory condition.

8. Click Finish to reboot the system.