Mar 17, 2012

Hey guys, just a month ago I got myself an XPS 8500 with Windows 7 Home Premium, 8GB RAM, 2TB HDD + 32GB SSD (Intel Smart Response Technology), AMD 7770 2GB, and a S2330MX 23" Monitor.

I've been getting random crashes lately and they seem to come up randomly. The whole screen just turns blank with no sounds or anything. There's no indication of it happening as well, I could be browsing facebook then the screen just suddenly turns white. I've updated the graphics card drivers, done a RAM test (no errors found), and I'm still getting these crashes. I done a full virus scan and my anti-virus picked up nothing. Even after the white screen the computer and speakers are still on.

I've recently installed a wireless printer so might that be a problem? My computer is wireless and bluetooth is always on (how do you turn it off and should you?). I've tested the monitor and it's fine.

The programs that are always running are:

- Steam
- Dell DataSafe Local Backup
- Microsoft Security Essentials
- Dell Audio
- Bluetooth Devices
- Intel Rapid Storage Technology
- PowerISO Virtual Drive Manager

Does anyone know any solution to this? Any help will be much appreciated.

Cheers. :)

*Additional info*:

I have 2 administrator accounts since my brother uses the computer as well and I don't want to share my password. I also have a guest account.

Does having 2 administrator accounts affect anything at all?



Oct 24, 2012
I have owned my xps 8500 special edition for about 10 hours now and in the middle of surfing the web the entire screen went black and would not respond to anything....WTF! I also have the same specs as tycrane. I have a crap load of things pulling power from the surge protector that shares my pc power. Can this be a cause? I just replaced my old computer for the same reason, but it never came back from the black screen even when I would reboot it.


Sep 17, 2012
Check Event viewer for the error
Run Diagnostics on the system with the help of F12
Try working in safe mode check if you get black screen
Then let me know the result