Dell XPS 9000 specification!


Dec 26, 2009
Hey there,

I am planning on buying the Dell XPS 9000 but i have a few questions.
Does it come with integrated wifi? If not, is there any free pci slot so I can put my old wifi card in the pc.

Also, i've read that the computer has a total of 6 usb port, is that true?

Finally, if I put the old wifi card in it, will it have enough power (i think the power supply is 420W)

Thank you for helping me and sorry for my terrible english ^^

See ya!


Dec 27, 2009
The 9000 doesn't have integrated WiFi but it does have a free PCI slot for your old card. Yes, it does have six USB ports - four in back and two on the top, accessible from the front of the machine. The power supply is 475 W and has enough for your wireless card. My system has a Core i7-920, Nvidia GeForce GTX 240, 12 GB RAM, a Hauppauge dual-tuner TV card, a 1 TB drive, two 500 GB drives and an add-on 5-port PCI card. The system can handle that and more. It runs almost silently and the temps are cool. Dell's power supplies are rated for continuous output. Some other brands are rated for peak output. This means a 475 W Dell can handle the same load as a 500 - 550 W cheaper brand power supply. I'm a big fan of this machine! :bounce: