Nov 21, 2015
Hey all. Please forgive me since it's been years since I have really been on the forum.

I have a Dell XPS One A2420 all in one machine that the power supply seems to have failed in.

The model is a HIPRO HP-D2554A0 power supply. It seems to have been in use with servers as well, so the prices are absurd everywhere I look online. I am looking for a replacement that is not super costly. It doesn't even need to be a HIPRO PSU, simply something that fits and is compatible.

It appears to be a 255W power supply, and looks like this:

If anybody knows of another replacement that is compatible, or where I can get one for a better price (that's not $100+!) then please let me know! This machine is really cool, and although it's not a daily driver for me any longer, I still love the aesthetic of the machine and I really appreciate its media playback functionality.
It seems that you don't have a lot of choices here, I saw somes are listed with $200 or even $300 price tags.

Did you think about have the PSU checked by a local technician, maybe he can fix it for like $20 or so?