Question Dell XPS8500: RAM only 8GB from 16GB installed

Mar 3, 2023
Dell XPS8500 from 2012, clean upgrade to win10pro 22H2
  • 4 original DDR3-RAM Samsung modules, 4GB each
  • CPU-Z recognizes 16 GB
  • BIOS and Windows recognize only 8GB
  • MemTest86: recognizes 2 modules with 4+4 GB and 2 modules with 0+0 GB
  • Slots and modules cleaned
  • BIOS latest Version 14, set to default
  • Voltage measured with external voltmeter is 1.500 V with 4 Modules
However, all slots and modules are working:
  • Any single module runs in any slot with 4GB.
  • Any 2 modules run in any 2 slots with a total of 8GB.
  • Adding one or two additional modules has no effect: total of 8GB remains.

Please help, I am no fighting for three days with this issue.


Welcome to the forums, newcomer!

What rams are you working with? An image of the sticks used would help us two fold. Might want to clear the the CMOS, disconnect from the wall and display, then remove the CMOS battery. Press and hold down the power button to drain any residual power off of the system. Replace the battery after 30 minutes and power up the system.