DellXPS720 problems with Boot up

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Jul 27, 2010

I recently messed around with the F2 screen at the startup and disabled the fast boot and a few other things.
When i try to enter back into the f2 screen; I strike the f2 key and it takes me there but once I get to the screen my keyboard and mouse become unresponsive. And i cant change anything. Im using USB keyboard and Mouse.

The complete boot wont start, windows occationally loads up but its rare that the pc gets that far. When it does my keyboard and mouse are still unresponsive at that time.

Its responcive when i hit F2 or F12 but after that the computer juse doesnt pick it up.

Can anyone help me with this problem?
I was sugested that reseting the BIOS physicly from the mother board would do the trick, to be frank i have no clue in how to do that.
Not open for further replies.