Question Denied access to steam and origin

Jul 27, 2021
So i've been having problem loggin in to Steam and Origin since a few days ago
I don't have the slightest idea what starting it
Basically, its the same thing. Origin giving me "you need to be online to log in" error code 20.2 , even though my connection is just fine. And steam doing it too it gave me "Fatal error : steam needs to be online to update".
I already contacted EA for some help. but nothing seems working for me. Tried changing DNS, Allowing firewalls, changing date and time, and finally few hours ago I decided to re install my Win10.
Yet the problem still exist.
I'm totally lost here, please I need your help.

Pc specs :
R5 3600 + b450m
16gb 3200mhz ram
gtx 1660s