Descrete videocard perfomance drops.

Aug 24, 2019
HI! I'm currently trying to get a solution for a problem with my HP 15-db0091ur laptop.

Laptop specs:
AMD Ryzen 3 2200U 2500 MHz/15.6"/1366x768/8GB RAM/AMD Radeon 530/Windows 10 Home

As you can see, there is a hybrid system of AMD Radeon Vega 3 and Radeon 530. Some time ago a very unpleasant problem appeared. In some applications (games mostly), which use R 530 card as a main GPU, a strange thing happens: the total perfomance of the card drops to very low values on absolute random basis (WIN 10 task manager shows that it falls from 80-100% usage to 15-20%), and so the FPS drops. And after a week or two after appearance of that perfomance-drops, happend my first BSOD.

Figured out (found people in the NET with similiar problems) that the GPU automatically overcloking for better perfomance, but have serious problems with swiching back to normal (From 3D compute to 2D especially. Its enough to just Alt-Tab to desktop to get a BSOD), which results in BSOD's with "Thread stuck in device driver" with problems in "atikmdag.sys" and "dxgkrnl.sys".

Tried to reinstall Video driver, installing older/newer versions, updated BIOS - no result so far.

The solution for now, which prevents my laptop from dying after exiting the games: installed "Clock-Bloker" and set all the rules for "Downclock". But still have that low-perfomance appearance problem so far. Checked a temperature in TechPowerUp GPU-Z, but everything seems normal: temp is the same in the normal and low-perfomance situations (1-2 degrees differnce, its floating after all).

Have noticed, that some people had the same problem, on different machines, but hope someone could help me with this!

P.S. And one more thing. I already tried to bring my laptop to service centre in the store i bought it: no result, so currently looking for good perfomance-test programs for descrete GPU, especially ones that use DX-related tests and can be tested in comtinous mode since perfomance drops completely random but keep freaking me, so i can show them to specialists to convince them that there IS problem so they finlly can do smtng about it.


Thanks for ANY help/answers, and sorry for language mistakes if there is: not a native english-man.
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