Deskjet 820cxi: paper feed / loading is out of whack


May 7, 2012
1. My printer cartridge or something keeps banging on the side inside when
its printing. It's like it's off alignment and keeps ramming itself into
another component. How do I know what the appropriate horizontal alignment
of the cartridge is supposed to be?

2. Every time the printer prints something out, it does so okay (the
quality is poor but I think I need to clean the cartridge) but the next
page is loaded before I've asked it to print anything. In other words, it
loads it up and when I do want it to print another page, it starts in the
middle of the page because it's already loaded it halfway. Is this the
fact that the black rolling thing could be out of alignment after i rolled
it to get a jam out?

How do I address these two problems and get the mechanical parts to their
default positions? Thanks

you should fine the repair guild on line. when hp print heads bang like that it could be two issues. one the opti sendor has failed so that at post the print head carage does not know hwere it it or the gray alliment pastick has dust or dirt on in. you can try and tke the printer apart and clean it. if everthing plugged in and cleaned and it still smacks the side of the printer at post then the sendor or mb is bad in the printer.