Question Desktop Artifacting and Apps Dont Respond

Aug 25, 2019
I'm new to posting here so sorry if this is the wrong place for this.

In december of 2018 I purchased this list of components:

Intel Core i7-8700k
ASUS Strix z370-e
EVGA 1070Ti FTW2
Corsair h115i Pro
EVGA 750w G2
Samsung 970 evo 500gb m.2 pcie ssd

Somewhere around february and april everything started going wrong. I was playing something and all of a sudden it just crashes without a reason why. I noticed the desktop would uncontrollably refresh and everything i open relating to windows 10 (settings, ctrl panel, etc) just gets closed. Sometimes chrome goes unresponsive and i cant do anything. The desktop looks like a mess of colors and has little dots or diamonds patterns. I got a ton of errors on memtest and even bought a new stick to test. It didnt work sadly. I reseated the cpu, took everything out of the case and ran it, reseated the ssd, reinstalled windows like 7 times, ddu had a problem that caused windows 10 to become corrupted so thats one of the reasons i had to reinstall. Im at a loss with this problem and no one seems to know what the solution is. Prior to the problems i had turned on the tpu II setting on the asus bios. It put me at 5ghz and i had it on for a while. Its not a display problem since i tried different monitors and different cables. This happens on my gpu and igpu and the bios is perfectly fine. If anyone needs more information ill gladly give it as im rushing to post this without being near my computer at the moment. Thank you in advance.

I have images of what im talking about but i dont have a strong enough connection to upload them.