Desktop Box [Fan?] Issues

Jul 4, 2018
Hello! I would like some help ASAP, since this is a computer I use for work. Also, if there is a number to call, thay would be nice too, since that would make it easier to explain my situation with someone.

But the issue:

Is with a desktop computer. The box is having issues. The monitor and Windows and all that if just fine, but it's the box itself. Sometimes, I'll get it to come on, but it doesn't do for long. The computer DID begin start working properly after I sprayed through the fanholes and little vents with a can of condensed air, but only for a few minutes. After a few minutes, the entire monitor screen would freeze, and when I pressed the power buttone on the box, it wouldn't even go off. I have to unplug it completely. And now sometimes when I go to plug it back up, it doesn't read as connected to the monitor, and the bottom fan on the back of the box just blows really harder than the fan at the top. It will do that, or crash after a few minutes when I do get it to come on. PLEASE HELP!!! Also, if I can talk to someone through phone, that would be alot easier also! Thank you in advance!!!

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