Desktop Dell PC . Speaker static problem


Jun 3, 2014
My Dell PC is 3 1/2 years old. Until a few months ago i have never had any problem with sound static.Since then i have used 3 brands of wireless bluetooth speakers..Bose..Sony and JBl and each produces intermittent static.I only use these speakers with my desktop PC. I have also used USB connected speakers...3 different brands and also two different Samsung 32 in TVs as Smart and the other older. In EVERY ONE of these sound tools i have and continue to have the same static problem.
I have also upgraded all drivers both using Iobit and also directly via Dell and Realtek. I have streamlined my wiring configuration so that i am not using any USB HUB like i used to. I moved my PC from the floor to a spot on my desk. I purchased and installed a Netgear Wifi Extender as my router is in a closet in another room. I have run every sound troubleshooter i can find at Device Mgr says all components are working properly...all drivers are up to date. My PC has integrated sound card...I5 processor...12gb or ram..1Tb size hard drive.

In spite of all of the above no matter what i use for a of the TV monitors(which i have used since this PC was new)...I continue to get regular annoying static when i am playing music or listening to anything else like You Tube, the news etc.
I dont know what else to do to find the source of the problem which is the reason for my request for your help. I must be missing something. I hate to call a PC repairman because i have been able to fix any PC problem i had for the past 20 years and dont want to spend money for some tech to come out and not be able to find the source of the problem.
I wonder if my problem might be in the PC..mobo maybe ....would i be able to install a separate SOUND CARD in a box which has integrated sound? All of the troubleshooting i have done indicates that all PC components are working well.
Could my anti virus unilities create a problem like this? I use Windows Defender.I run CCleaner and Malwarebytes regularly. I use Chrome as my browser.

Any suggestions or help you can provide would be appreciated. I suspect the answer is simple..I just cant find it after a couple of MONTHS of trying. Thanks for your help.


Oct 2, 2018
What is the Dell system's model? What audio connections have you used so far (USB, AUX, HDMI, etc.)? If you change the source, does the static go away?

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