Question desktop folders automatically changing places whenever im going on a fullscreen game


More information needed.

That includes full system hardware spec and OS although I doubt that the posted problem is hardware related.

In any case, update your post to be more descriptive of what is happening. Windows can and does re-arrange desktop icons.

But we will be going blind without some details about the folders that are "automatically changing places" and the games being played(?) - not sure about the relevancy of the which games per se.

So, if I may interpret a bit: 1) you open the desktop and see the folder icons, 2) you play some game or games, and 3) when you close the game all of the desktop folders are rearranged. Is that correct?

How are the folders desktop locations changed? Alphabetically, grouped in some manner, etc....?

And that only happens if the game window is maximized (i.e., "full screen"). No problems if the game windows is not full sized - is that correct?