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Aug 7, 2012
How's it goin' guys? I'm looking for a tower to use strictly for computer/software programming (Using C++, Etc) and web programming (PHP, Java, JavaScript, Etc). I won't be doing gaming, I won't be listening to music, nothing else. Only programming and surfing the web. I'd love a computer that would be super fast at compiling the data. I'm looking to only spend around $600 on the tower and the cheaper, the better.

I've read you really only need a dual-core processor and 4GB-8GB RAM for this use. If this is true, I found a tower for $279. Specs: AMD Phenom II x2 4400 at 2.3GHz ; 80GB HDD (Will upgrade to 1TB or get external HDD) ; 2GB RAM (Will upgrade to 8GB).
The only downside is Windows XP Pro SP3 (I love XP though) and I'll be using a 27" Full HDTV (1080p). How would it look on this TV? Horrible? Decent? What?

Thanks in advance for the help guys.


May 15, 2012
get more ram.

Especially if you need to try out your code, and it's java based and you need an eclipse IDE or various app/webserver software to run it on, you will appreciate having mountains of ram. You are on the right track; if you add this DIY yourselfwill save you a lot of dough

good idea to get a large fast HDD. Go for a SSD if your budget allows
That being said, your deal doesn't look too special. I think you can get equally as cheap computers on sale from Dell?

I would suggest getting a real monitor. your eyes will go bad trying to do long hours of work on a tv.
For your work profile, you are looking at
- good monitor (really!!!)
- that processor got only 128kb of cache! It's going to be slow. With your budget, you can target at least Intel Core 2 Duo setup, with a potential for upgrade;
- as much RAM as you can afford (and get rid of XP, really), plus 64-bit OS. XP cannot support more than 4gb of RAM.
- CPU with VT capability. You will want to run a couple of virtual machines in order to be able to test what you are doing (and install various software without fear that it will damage your working config)
- that config with 80gb HDD - check that it has SATA interface.
- how it will look on that TV, depends on the video-card.

So, my advice would be - trash this offer, and look for something more modern.

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