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Jun 9, 2009

I am about to spend some cash buying the best price performance gamer desktop, which I believe will be good for the nest 5 years.
This is the desktop I was thinking about (although, I was also thinking on AMD cpu), what do you guys think?:
-CPU: Intel's i920
MotherBoard: x58 Intel smakover
Memory: Corsair 1333 4G
HD: SATA 2 500G
Graphic Card: Sapphire ATI 4870 1G
Monitor: Samsung T220 (2 ms)
Case: TT wingks
Power: TT 450w
Audio: not important.
The best price performance for gaming is not i7...
You should stick with your previous option of AMD CPUs and with the cash saved, invest in more powerful graphics setup...That would be a more powerful gaming setup...If you want it to last long, then get the AM3 socket mobo and DDR3 RAM as DDR2 RAMs will be phased out soon...


Jun 9, 2009

Can you be more specific regarding mother board,graphic card and monitor ?
Is the AMD cpu: ‏Phenom II x4 Quad-Core 955 Socket AM3 3.2Ghz 45nm is what you meant?
@amit Yes...
A X4 955 setup would easily cost less than an i7 setup, allowing you to invest more money on graphics...
Even a X3 720 can do the trick with 2x 4850 in crossfire...That setup can easily max out most of the games @ 1920X1200 resoltuion...

Where are you from and what is your budget ?
Check out this config...

CPU - x4 955


RAM - 2x2GB DDR3

Hdd - WD 640GB 32MB cache

Case - Antec 900

Power supply - Corsair 750TX...

Graphics card - Saphire HD 4890 1GB

This system would easily come under 6000 shekel...
And when you save more cash, then add one more 4890 in crossfire and that PSU can easily handle that crossfire...
But going through that website, I could come up wth an i7 config for about 6350 shekel...
CPU - i7 920
Mobo - Gigabyte UD3R
RAM - OCZ Platinum 3x2GB 1333MHz
DVD - Sony Optiarc
CPU Cooler - Scythe mugen II
CASE - Antec 300
PSU - Corsair 750TX
Graphics card - HD 4890 1GB

So if you are OK with spending the extra cash then get i7...
But as it is a gaming PC, stick with the AMD and save some cash and buy another HD 4890 in crossfire...
Actually with extra 500 shekel, you can add one more HD 4890 now itself in that AMD system - remove the CPU cooler if you will not be overclocking and stick with the 500GB HDD...


Jun 9, 2009
Inte's is : 6290 nis and AMD is: 5680

But, both with one graphic card and 2 makes the price jump with 1000 nis...
What Monitor would you recommend for games, is the samsung t220 (2 ms) 22inch is enough?
Yes that monitor is good...but it has low resolution...
And a single 4890 would play all the games maxed out that revolusion...
You can check this one...
LG - W2343T 23''
Resolution 1920X1080
A single 4890 can handle that resolution well...

So get the samsung if you are doubtful that you would buy the second 4890 card any time soon as like I said before 1 4890 would max out all the games at that resolution...
Get the LG if you are pretty sure you will be adding one more in crossfire...

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