Desktop GPU Performance Hierarchy Table

Was someone drinking while updating the chart again? : P

Considering a 2080 is only slightly faster than a 1080 Ti, it seems a bit weird placing them in different tiers in the legacy chart. And why is the 2080 grouped in with the 2080 Ti, which can be upward of 30% faster at high resolutions? Likewise, it the 1080 shouldn't be with the 1080 Ti, as there's a similar performance difference between those two as well. And seeing as the RTX 2070, 2060, RX 590 and Radeon VII are not included in that chart, I take it these weird groupings may have been this way for a while. I think there needs to be a couple more tiers tucked in there.

Also, since when does Vega 64 have a 180 watt TDP? That would be lower than Vega 56, or even the RX 580.


Nov 4, 2013
On the legacy GPU Hierarchy list the 1080 has a price next to it that is too high (999) -- it is different than the price up top.

Thanks for these lists
On the legacy GPU Hierarchy list the 1080 has a price next to it that is too high (999) -- it is different than the price up top.
I believe those prices are automated through their referral link system, based on the current price of a particular model of card on Amazon. Being a previous-gen card that is no longer manufactured and now in short supply, the price of buying one new will have a lot of variance. Even the link up top currently showing $855 is grossly overpriced. There is little point in buying a GTX 1080 that has its price marked up higher than an RX 2080, especially since even an RX 2070 would be a bit faster. At this point, they should just remove the referral links for anything but the current generation of cards.

In any case, the legacy list itself has been a bit of a mess lately. As I mentioned back in February, the 2080 and 2080 Ti are still listed together in the same performance tier, while the 1080 and 1080 Ti are in another, despite those cards having a notable difference in performance between them. The 2080 should be dropped into the 1080 Ti's tier, the 1080 (and Vega 64) should be dropped into the 1070 Ti's tier, and the 1070 and 980 Ti should be dropped into another tier. And of course, none of the new cards have been added to the legacy list since the 2080 launched half a year ago.

This list was nice to have as a rough comparison of how graphics cards compared across generations, but at this point, especially seeing as it's been neglected lately, there are better options. One can go to UserBenchmark, enter their GPU section, and sort the list by "average bench %" to get a more complete overview of how graphics cards roughly compare to one another. And that list also includes entries for mobile and integrated graphics hardware.


Nov 9, 2008
This chart is getting ridiculous. Article is useless without up-to-date comparison chart.
I will stop coming to Tom's hardware site alltogether if chart is not updated.
What's of use writing an article, if chart is not updated??
Why calling it "legacy", when you don't put newest graphics you by the way KNOW how they perform and write about and avoid mentioning in chart?
Where is RX 590 in chart?
And for YEARS Topm's hardware intentionally avoid putting Intel integrated graphics to compare on the chart/hierarchy.
I bet Nvidia (and possibly Amd) pays a good money not ot mention Intel graphics...
That said, won't be counting on whole Tom's hardware site for ANY article until this is fixed...
I bet Nvidia (and possibly Amd) pays a good money not ot mention Intel graphics...
I kind of doubt that, considering how far Intel's integrated graphics perform below even the lowest-end current-generation dedicated cards from AMD or Nvidia. If anything, including Intel's graphics chipsets would encourage people to upgrade to a better card from AMD or Nvidia. : P

I'm sure Intel's dedicated cards will be included in at least the new list once they release them, probably some time next year. Until then, integrated graphics is all Intel has to offer in the consumer space, and the performance of such graphics chipsets can be heavily dependent on how the system's memory is configured among other things.

I agree that the hierarchy list is a mess though, and could definitely benefit from some updates.


May 22, 2012
@ChrisAngelini ...... The title date says that it was update June 3, 2019, but why has the Legacy GPU Hierarchy not been updated. Your update date is a lie. The chart used to be updated on a regular basis, now it hasn't been updated in many months. Please tell us why you are refusing to update the chart when so many people use it!