Desktop Icons Move Whenever I Play A Game

Soviet France

Jul 26, 2014
This isn't terrible to the point where I'm frustrated, but it is rather annoying. Every time I open a game, doesn't matter what game, my desktop icons move all over the place. It's not one or two particular icons, but it seems to be at random. Mozilla Firefox could be on the bottom of my desktop, then whenever I open a game it moves to the top right corner. Same with any other icon. I don't have any malware/viruses, three different anti-virus applications gave me that information. The only things that are open all the time are Gyazo, Steam, my webcam application, Microsoft Security Essentials, and Skype. Every now and then, Firefox will be open while I'm gaming, but that doesn't help or affect it in any way. I'm hoping someone can help me out, it's annoying.

I'm using Windows 7 Home Premium, 64-bit.


Aug 9, 2012
I'm not sure what could be causing that, but a good software for organizing icons is called stardock fences. Might be worth the try, I love it.


Dec 2, 2012

It probably is the change of the resolution.Say that you run your system at your monitor's recommended resolution(ex.1920x1080) and the game runs at lower resolution for performance reasons or because you havent changed it(ex.1366x768) while you are playing a game at that resolution your icons switch places to fit your screen and when you close your game it doesnt change the position because now it has even more space.
Right click on your desktop - got to View - uncheck Auto arrange icons (if it is checked everytime your desktop resolution changes it will rearrange your icons - so when a game runs in a different resolution the icons get moved and rearranged then when you quit the game the again get rearranged and usually do not wind up back where they started out.) With it unchecked they will normally stay in the same location since auto arrange does not move them with the resolution change so when the game closes and it goes back to the original resolution the icons will stay where they were.

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