Desktop low-med budget - suggestion


Dec 4, 2012
Hi all!
first of all, sorry I don't post my budget in numbers..i'm from Portugal, so i don't know the prices in uk.

I will make a new system (from the start, i don't have nothing) and here are my configuration:

Coolermaster K350 (usb3.0)
sony DVD-RW 24x

PSU: I have 3 in mind: (from the most expensive to the cheaper)
antec basiq pro 550W (mod)
XFX 550W
xfx 450W

ram: gskill 2x4gb ddr3 1600mhz

motherboard: Asus P8b75-M LX

CPU: i5-3470 or i5-3350P

GPU: hd7850 1gb or maybe gtx660

storage: hdd WD blue 500gb sata III or an SSD samsung 120gb (I already have a 250gb SATA for notebook to save musics' movies, etc...)

first question: with this config, 450W is enough? and give me some tolerance for future upgrades? if it so, i would choose xfx 450w, if not, maybe the antec modular.

second question: that motherboard only can carry 1 port sata III, right? so i can't plug in 1 SSD and later 1 HDD sata III ?

so i have been thinking:

cpu: i5-3470 + SSD + RAM 1x4gb and later would buy 1x4gb and a hdd 500gb.

sorry one more time for not posting prices, i could post in Euro, but i think that's not a correct thing to do in here. :)
and i hope you can say something.