Question Desktop shortcuts not working after reinstall of windows


Nov 15, 2014
Hello, I have had issues with my computer so I decided to do a recovery install of windows 10. I selected to delete the files off my drive C but before I did that I transferred some files to my drive D (not all but some I wanted to keep) After booting up windows and going through the set up my desktop was empty as it should be so i tried to get all my shortcuts back to normal such as steam and GPU overclocking tools but when I click the shortcut It either doesn't work or steam would need to be updated and ill also get more folders on my desktop such as "logs" "crash" "package". I do not know how to resolve this issue. I turned on Onedrive during the set up but I disabled it after because it seemed to mess with things. I could download all my games and applications and that might solve it all but my internet is very slow and it would be a hassle to delete all the files from my other drives. Any help would be appreciated, Thanks
Recoveries never work for me what works best is a clean install where you format the SSD and install windows cleanly and make sure not to have any other drives plugged in while you install windows do that after you’re done and everything works and you shut it down and then you can connect your old drives

In my experience and I have a lot recoveries almost never work there next to useless so I don’t even bother with them anymore for any reason because it’s a huge waste of time somethings going to be critically wrong

You can install windows cleanly and about 10 minutes flat